Aureus Solutions Inc. supports clients reach their environmental performance potential and manage environmental risks. We help staff assess, understand, and track their environmental compliance, corporate greening and sustainable performance, providing a framework for identifying and carrying out improvements that may be desirable for financial, sustainable development, or regulatory reasons. We have extensive knowledge of provincial and federal environmental regulations as well as best management practices from across Canada. We empower those involved to ensure all solutions are properly understood, implemented and maintained.




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Join our environmental community. We help facilitate communications within our community so that environmental knowledge is enhanced through sharing of best practices, compliance news, technology advances. We can introduce you to the best talent available for your unique needs.

Inspected 38 facilities, covering 8 provinces and 1700 buildings, for compliance with DND, Federal, Provincial and Municipal environmenta...

Examined historical data and site conditions to pinpoint the cause of taste and odour issues at the three wells in Tobago Diamond 1, Diam...

Coordinated with the Environmental Officer and the Nunavut Water Board to ensure the approval of a license to the construct a sewage tre...